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Our purpose is to provide an open, friendly site where we can sit down over a cup of (virtual) coffee and share about the beliefs that guide our lives.

Meet Your Host

After working in sales in Silicon Valley for 15 years, Randall began seminary at Golden Gate Seminary in Mill Valley, California. While at seminary he completed a Master of Arts in Christian Education and a Master of Divinity. During his time in seminary he served as a hospital chaplain and completed a short-term mission project in Ukraine. After serving in several churches in Southern California, he served as a hospice chaplain for 11 years.

Retiring in 2011 he returned to his roots in Texas to be near family and began his research of Islam. During the next five years he was a substitute high school teacher while writing Inviting Muslims to Christ.

Our Common Ground

The Lord God of the Christian Bible

1. The Triune God of Christianity
2. Christian Monotheism
3. Jesus Son of Mary
4. The Holy Spirit
5. Profession of Faith
6. Freedom from the Law

Exploring that Common Ground

Allah of the Holy Quran

1. Allah of Islam
2. Islamic Monotheism
3. Mary in the Quran
4. Ruh Quds, Spirit of Holiness
5. Faith Professes in the Shahasah
6. Shariah Law

The Essential Difference

The Trinity of Christianity and The Tawhid

1. The Triune God of Christianity Revealed in God the Father, God the Son and God the Holy Spirit  /  Say not “Trinity”: desist
2. Christianity is a Trinity  / Islam Reflects the Oneness of Allah in Tawhid
3. Jesus is Conceived by the Holy Spirit, Joseph is the earthly father of Jesus  Mary is the mother of Jesus, but Jesus is Only a Man Before Allah
4. Holy Spirit dwells within each Christian Allah Strengthens Isa and Muslims with the spirit of Ruh ul Quds, the angel Gabriel
5. Verbally confess Jesus as Lord / Testimony of faith is given by Muslim believer in the Shahadah
6. The Christian is Justified by Faith Apart from the Law Shariah is Allah’s Will for All humanity Given in the Quran and the Sunna

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