The Story Behind Our Story
APRIL, 2018
First, welcome to our site. We really hope you find it not only enjoyable, but also informative. We deliberately chose the coffee metaphor, look and feel, as so very often great conversations happen over a cup of coffee (or tea, if you prefer).
Those conversations happen in homes, in outdoor cafés and, of course, in coffee shops around the world. But perhaps most especially in the Middle East, coffee and conversation go together and both coffee and conversation can last for hours and cover a wide range of topics.
Seven years ago I began to ask myself, What is Islam? We were hearing daily reports on the news and in the newspapers about Islam. These reports ranged from atrocities to the needs of millions of refugees and while these reports didn’t reflect the 1.2 billion Muslims worldwide they did reveal the needs of millions of Muslims. We were not and are not receiving meaningful and accurate information about Islam from any of the media outlets, not television, radio or print media.

So, I began a quest to understand the basic beliefs of the Islamic Faith. The more I studied Islamic Theology the more I became interested in sharing my faith as a Christian. After all, Islam had a Holy Book, The Quran, which contained many of the same individuals that were also in the Holy Bible. I wanted to know more about this faith. During this time my wife and I were also privileged to host a male student from Saudi Arabia in our home who was attending a nearby community college. We had a great experience with our student, who was a very polite and delightful person. By this time, I had also met several Muslims through various seminars I had attended.

“Good conversation is just as stimulating as black coffee, and just as hard to sleep after.”
The culmination of these events has been the writing of my book, Inviting Muslims to Christ, and this website. The purpose of this site is to provide an open friendly site where we can share together, over a cup of virtual coffee, about the beliefs that shape our daily lives. Join us as we search together.


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